Hi.  My name is Melissa Blake.  I have a passion for organizing.  It is true that “a cluttered space creates a cluttered mind”.   A beautifully organized workplace or home can restore your energy, clarity and happiness.

I have been organizing for over 10 years.  What started as a hobby for family and friends has evolved into a satisfying business helping clients create orderly and aesthetically beautiful spaces.

As the mother of two girls, I understand the importance of being organized.  I live in a small house by the beach where space is a precious commodity.  Keeping a family of four organized in tight quarters is not a luxury.  It’s a necessity!

Together, we can fashion an organizational plan that fits your schedule, lifestyle, personality and goals.  I love to see the joy that a perfectly organized home or workplace brings.


My Values:
  • Listen well.  Learn what my clients need and want.
  • Be on time.  Everyone’s time is valuable.
  • Work efficiently and cost effectively.  Give my clients the best value.
  • Be myself which is down-to-earth and non-judgmental.  I have made many messes of my own in life.
  • Bring my creativity and artistic gifts to each project.  Give clients not only useful spaces but beautiful spaces.
  • Deliver my very best ideas and service.  Ensure that my clients are completely delighted with the results.


I look forward to meeting you.